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Music Nights, House Jazz, Funchal
Mar 27 @ 8:00 pm

Music Night at House Jazz every Wednesday night 20.00 – 23.00, with Andrei Ladeichikov, violinist.

Make sure you book a table and enjoy a meal while listening to an excellent violinist.

Telephone for reservation:- 962844116


Madeira Mandolin Orchestra, Congresso Hall, Funchal
Mar 27 @ 9:00 pm

Beautiful music with the Mandolin Orchestra

Madeira a Cantar (Madeira Singing as One) – Ponta do Sol
Mar 30 @ 8:00 pm

This event intends to increase, consolidate and reinforce Madeira and Porto Santo cultural scenery and activities thus contribuiting to dissiminate these events amongst all the municipalities in the Region, an invitation to locals to partake in this event.. The contest runs between July 2018 and April 2019.

Performance and singing contest
This contest is open to applications from all residents of the Autonomous Region of Madeira, upon prior registration.
Competitors will be selected from applicants by elimination/jury decision. Selected competitors will sing live with recorded musical accompaniment and at the end of the show a winner will be chosen to represent their municipality at the Grand Final, which will take place on 27 April 2019.
The Grand Final will take place in Funchal, where 12 competitors will sing with a live band to determine the best voice in the region. Two competitors will represent Funchal due to the higher number of parishes located in this county.
Qualifier programme:
9:00pm – Opening concert with Vasco Freitas and his band, followed by Marília Andrade (singing “Madeira a Cantar” contest anthem) and show.presentation
9:30pm – Partcipants´ performances
11:00pm – Performance by Marília Andrade (during the Jury´s deliberation period)
11:30pm – Call to the stage for competitors. Partcipants awards ceremony followed by the winners announcement and the awarding of the 600 Years Trophy award.
End of ceremony with performance by Vasco Freitas and his band
SÃO VICENTE – UNTIL 11:59pm 14 JUNE 2018;
PORTO MONIZ – UNTIL 11:59pm 11 JULY 2018;
SANTANA – UNTIL 11:59pm 8 AUGUST 2018;
PORTO SANTO – UNTIL 11:59pm 22 AUGUST 2018;
CALHETA – UNTIL 11:59pm ON 24 OCTOBER 2018;
MACHICO – UNTIL 11:59pm 9 FEBRUARY 2019;
PONTA DO SOL – UNTIL 11:59pm 28 FEBRUARY 2019.
Trophies will be awarded to all participants in all qualifying rounds.
Grand Final Prizes:
1st – €5000
2nd – €3000
3rd – €2000
4th to 11th – €500
Music Nights, House Jazz, Funchal
Mar 30 @ 8:00 pm

Music Night at House Jazz every Saturday Night 20.00 – 23.00, with Robin Hird, blues / jazz guitarist. Featuring Alex “the singing chef” who will join Robin at about 21.45 and sing a collection of classic songs.

Make sure you book a table and enjoy a meal while listening to excellent music. Telephone for reservations:- 962844116.


Planet Night Run, Funchal
Mar 30 @ 8:30 pm
The initiative born in 2007 in Sydney, Australia, will be once again organized in Funchal on 30th March. 


The “Planet Night Run” is a competition organized by the Athletics Association of Madeira and shall be carried out within the scope of “Earth Hour 2019”, a symbolic action of environmental protection in which the artificial lights are turned off for an hour. On the last eight consecutive years, hundred of millions of individuals joined in initiative throughout the world and, in 2014, it was carried out in 160 countries and more than 7.000 cities.
Fado, Collegio des Jesuitas, Rua dos Ferreiros, Funchal
Mar 30 @ 9:30 pm

Coimbra Fado is a music genre that assumes the nature of the ballad, and can be very different to traditional Fado. The group Fatum entertains for an hour with fabulous guitars and voices.

Free concert

Music in the North, Baroque Music, Parish Church of São Jorge
Mar 31 @ 8:00 pm

This concert will be held on March 31, Sunday, at 6:00 pm, in Parish Church of São Jorge, by the Mateus Baroque Orchestra

“Stabat Mater of Pergolesi”

As part of the 600th anniversary celebrations of the Discovery of the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo, the “Music in the North” cycle of Baroque music aims to explore and promote among the Madeiran public one of the most remarkable and rich periods of our musical heritage from the 17th and 18th centuries. A period of great transformations, it laid the foundations for the musical system still in use today and produced remarkable composers and works we all know and love.

The title, “Music in the North”, refers to the fact that the entire cycle is to be presented on the north coast of Madeira, thus giving these municipalities a cultural event with unique characteristics on the island. This cycle of music was presented by the Regional Secretary of Tourism and Culture at the congress “São Jorge – Memory and Future” held in August of last year. The focus on the Baroque period arose from the relationship with the rich heritage existing in this parish: the treasured Parish Church of São Jorge.

Centred on sacred music, the programme will present works by great international composers, such as the Stabat Mater by Pergolesi, together with a Salve Regina by Alessandro Scarlatti, both works for Soprano, Alto and Orchestra which will be interpreted by the Mateus Baroque Orchestra on period instruments. Also included are works by Vivaldi and Bach and by famous Portuguese composers such as António Teixeira, Carlos Seixas and Francisco António de Almeida, among others, interpreted by two vocal ensembles dedicated to the interpretation of polyphonic music from Portugal. The aim is to showcase some of the national and international music of this period.

The programmes also seek to mark the period of Lent which coincides with the festival, putting an emphasis on works that were composed for this period and thus encouraging reflection.


Miguel Pires, Lisboa Bar, VidaMar Resort Hotel Madeira, Funchal
Apr 2 @ 9:00 pm

The repertoire ranges from Portuguese to Brazilian Music, with English, American and Latin songs.

Music Nights, House Jazz, Funchal
Apr 3 @ 8:00 pm

Music Night at House Jazz every Wednesday night 20.00 – 23.00, with Andrei Ladeichikov, violinist.

Make sure you book a table and enjoy a meal while listening to an excellent violinist.

Telephone for reservation:- 962844116


Miguel Pires, Lido Bar, Vila Porto Mare, Funchal
Apr 3 @ 8:45 pm
From Broadway to Lido…
Madeira Mandolin Orchestra, Congresso Hall, Funchal
Apr 3 @ 9:00 pm

Beautiful music with the Mandolin Orchestra

Madeira Mandolin Orchestra, Congresso Hall, Funchal
Apr 3 @ 9:00 pm

Beautiful music with the Mandolin Orchestra

Miguel Pires, SCAT Funchal Music Club & Restaurant, Funchal
Apr 4 @ 6:30 pm

Miguel Pires & piano


Miguel Pires – Around The World, Restaurante Bahia, Casino da Madeira, Funchal
Apr 4 @ 9:15 pm


The new weekly show, “Around The World”, is a journey of the senses through the World, passing through Europe to Africa, Asia and America. Elvis Presley, Leonard Cohen, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder and Tina Turner will be able to travel to the Bahia Restaurant through the presentation and representation of some of the most emblematic figures in world music history such as Adele, Elton John and Elvis Presley, of Carmen Miranda, Célia Cruz and Edith Piaf.

It is a show especially designed for the Casino of Madeira that aims to enhance the cultural diversity of the four corners of the World on a single stage. The singers to perform at this show are the two most famous names on Madeira Island, Vânia Fernandes, winner of the RTP programs “Operação Triunfo” and “Festival da Canção”, and Portugal’s representative in Eurovision, and Miguel Pires a of the best male voices ever from the Region.

The show will also be supported by a musical band composed of seven musicians and directed by the musical director Georgy Titov, a ballet body will be led by the renowned ballerina Juliana Andrade, and the costumes will be made by the designer Madeirense André Pereira. The show is accompanied by a menu, inspired by Mediterranean cuisine, with drinks included, ideal for celebrating special moments.

+351 291 140 424

Live Jazz, Saudade Madeira, Funchal
Apr 4 @ 9:30 pm

Live Jazz with  Simply3

Live Jazz, Saudade Madeira, Funchal
Apr 5 @ 9:30 pm

Live Jazz with  Simply3

Miguel Pires, Atlantis Restaurant, Vila Porto Mare, Funchal
Apr 5 @ 10:00 pm
Singing Waiters…
Miguel Pires – Irish Pub Sports Bar, Rua das Fontes, Funchal
Apr 5 @ 11:30 pm

Miguel and his Piano… wonderful!

Festa da Cana – Sugar Cane Festival, Canhas, Ponta do sol
Apr 6 @ 10:00 am

At Serrado Da Cruz, Canhas, celebrate the Sugar Cane in all it’s different forms, with food, music and local activities.


Madeira Classical Orchestra, Main Hall of the Legislative Assembly of Madeira, Funchal
Apr 6 @ 6:00 pm

SATURDAY, APRIL 6 | 6 p.m.
Madeira Regional Assembly
Madeira Classical Orchestra
Guest Conductor: José Luis López-Antón
Soloist: Eddy Vanoosthuyse
António Pereira da Costa – Concerto Grosso Nº3 [*]
C. M. von Weber [1786-1826] – Concert nº 1 for Clarinet
and Orchestra in F minor, Op.73
Georges Bizet [1838-1875] – Symphony No. 1 in C major
[*] In partnership with DRE / DSEAM