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Divino Sapore
Pasta, Pizzas, Ravioli, Risotto, Lasagne, Picados, Pregos, Hamburgers, Salads. TakeAway & Delivery. Tel: 291 855 127 / 938 011 782
Pizzeria Ristorante Naye
Pizza & Pasta TakeAway. Some say the best Pizza on the island! See FaceBook page for full menu. From 12h00 - 21h00. Tel: 291 824 325
Mudas Restaurante
Specialising in Fish & Seafood dishes plus a variety of Meat dishes. Place your order for dinner in the comfort of your home we deliver to your door without additional costs 964 756 860.
Cozi Scoozi Pizzaria
Tradiotional Italian Pizza and Pasta dishes. With take-away service and home delivery. Based in the center of Camacha. Tel: 291 922 055.
O FUSO Restaurante
Traditional Portugues cuisine. Specialities of Piglet Bairrada, Espetada, Cod, Octopus. Piglet Rice, Stuffed Chicken. For menu details call 291 612 481 / 960 157 642. TakeAway sevice.
Pizzaria Santa Teresa
Great homemade Pizzas.Tel 291 976 564 for menu details. TakeAway service. Available from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm and from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm. Address: Santa Teresa Shopping Cente, Canhas.
A Traineira - Restaurante & Marisqueira
TakeAway and Home delivery. Extensive menu on FaceBook page. 12h00-15h00 and 18h30-21h00. Free delivery for orders over €25. Tel: 905 706 246 / 966 693 868
Francesinhas 100% Igual
TakeAway for Francesinhas & Picados.12h00-15h00 and 19h00-22h00. Tel: 291 613 950
La Carbonara Caniço
Pizzas, Fish (Espada), Steaks, Picados TakeAway and Delivered to your home. 12h00 - 22h00. Tel: 291 935 247 / 967 689 676
Laranjinha Bistro - Madeira
TakeAway & Home delivery. Grilled Chicken, Spare Ribs, T-Bone Steak, Cheeseburger, Special Burger, Roasted vegetables. Delivery Canico €3. Free delivery over €40. 12H00-20H00 Tel: 291 936 417 or send message on FaceBook.
Restaurante La Terraça
Picados, Chicken, Espada, Pregos, Soups, Rice, Milho Frito, Fries, Salads.Tel: 291 933 898 or 917 275 084 for TakeAway. Home deliveries free for orders over €30.
Sakura Sushi Restaurante Japonês
Extensive menu on FaceBook page, to include Childrens menu. Delivery Canico, Santa Cruz, Machico, Funchal. Tel: 912 610 338
Casa do Farol
Serving the best Nikitas and Ponchas and fabulous snacks such as Picados, Pregos and Hamburgers
Ilhéu Restaurante
The entire menu is available for home or take-away orders. The order can be made through 936 686 191 and deliveries are made in the areas of Câmara de Lobos and Funchal.
100% SUSHI
TakeAway and Home Delivery of spectacular fresh Sushi with a tropical twist! Tel: 967 818 191
A Casa de Levada
20 % off, on all our wine and cheeses and sausage boards for Take-away. Call 1 hour in advance for pick up. Tel: 925 534 038 / 964 336 546
Basmati Indian & Nepali Restaurant
Great variety of Indian & Nepalese curries. See FaceBook page for full menu. TakeAway & Delivery Funchal & Canico. 13h00 to 21h00. Tel: 291 651 197 / 935 266 171
Buddha Tandoori Restaurante
Huge selection of Chicken, Lamb, Seafood and Vegetarian meals. Indian and Nepalese specialities. 13h00 to 21h00. TakeAway and Home Delivery. Tel: 291 650 102 / 912 610 338 or email Full menu on FaceBook page.
Café Restaurante Apolo
Take-away service for meals, drinks, coffee and desserts. Contact: 291 220 099 for menu details.
Casa dos Pregos
Huge selection of Pregos. See FaceBook for menu. Open every day except on Sundays for take away service and home delivery. Tel: 910 248 403 / 927 887 936
Offering platters of French Cheeses and Charcuterie Cold Meats. Meat Platter €20 (5 types) - with Cheeses €25 (4 types). Free delivery Funchal. €5 delivery rest of island. Call 291 646 052.
Eatwell Catering Madeira
Bacalhau, Perch, Lamb, Goat, Lasagna, Chicken and Pork dishes. Desserts. TakeAway & Delivery. Tel: 917 755 888
Ervilha Doce
Varied menu each week featuring dishes you probably wouldn't cook at home! Tel: 291 223 665.
Frango Da Guiia Madeira
BBQ Chicken, Espetada, Picanha, Salads & Vegeatbles. 15h00-22h00. TakeAway. Tel: 291 762 911
Quality, Comfort Food, Nutrition, and Affection are the basic ingredients! Tel: 964 123 116.
Hamburgueria do Mercado
Gourmet homemade Burgers. Tradiotional recipes using best local ingredients. Vegan & Gluten free options. Some say the best burgers on the lisland. Tel: 925 059 715. See full menu on Facebook page.
Il Basilico
Take-away service available for any dish on the regular menu. Menu available on FaceBook page. Tel: 291 708 708. Service also available through the BRING EAT.
Seafood Rice, Ravioli, Francesinha, Mixed Fish dishes, Desserts. 22nd to 27th April. From 12h00 to 15:00 and 18h00 to 21h00h. Tel: 291 631 049 / 968 881 998
Indian Palace
Indian Takeaway every Thursday. Extensive menu. Gluten Free & Vegetarian options. Deliveries in Funchal, Canico, Ponto do Sol & Calheta free of charge. Call 967 146 089 or message on WhatsApp.
Special Easter Sunday menu. Best sellers from our menu also offered. Including Sardines, Fish of Day, Shellfish, Duck, Tuna dishes. TakeAway and Deliveries to Funchal, Canico & Camara de Lobos. Tel: 924 438 080 / 938 034 758.
Full a la carte menu TakeAway service to include Fish, Seafood, Steaks, Chicken and Pasta dishes. Vegetarian & Gluten free options. Tel: 291 759 239.
La Carbonara Pizzeria
Great selection of Pizzas for TakeAway or delivered direct to your home. Deliveries Funchal, Camara do Lobos and Ribiera Brava. See website for full menu and delivery times.
La Vaca Negra
Argentinian Steak House offering Rib-Eye, Costeleta, Lombo, Parrillada, Picados, Pregos and Hamburgers. 12h00-15h00 and 18h00-21h30. TakeAway and Home deliveries in Funchal.
Madeira Tapas & Wine
See FaceBook page for extensive menu. TakeAway & Deliveries in Funchal. 12h00 to 15h00 and 18h00 to 21h00. Tel: 291 616 975
Portuguese cuisine from a modern concept restauarant. Varies menu. Vegan & Gluten free option. See FaceBook page for details. Tel: 965 593 401 or email Home delivery through UBER EATS.
Mai Pen Rai, by The Wanderer
Chicken Drumsticks Tom Yum or Shrimps Pad Thai or Thai Curries & Stir Fry delivered to your home. For full menu see FaceBook page. Tel: 915 682 872
Papa Manuel Pizzaria
Traditional Italian Pizza & Pasta, Salads, Desserts delivered to your home. Huge menu. Tel: 291 761 673
Pizza Café
Pizza Café restaurants maintain their take-away and home delivery services. Contact them through 291 771 500 or via UBER EATS. (Caniço, Funchal, Machico, Santa Cruz, Porto Santo and Câmara de Lobos)
Pizzaria Antica Roma
Pizzas, Lasagne, Risotto, Pregos and Burgers. TakeAway and Delivery service. Tel: 291 600 866
The entire menu is available on our FaceBook page. Tel: 291 221 860 or 966 153 323. Home deliveries are free and you can pay by MB Way
Restaurante Cantinho do Norte
A different meal every day. Check FaceBook page for menu. Free delivery Funchal. Lunch 09h00 to 11h00. Dinner 17h00 to 20h00. Tel: 966 234 804
Restaurante Cidade Velha
See FaceBook page for menu. Quality food. TakeAway and Delivery service. 12h00 to 14h00 and 19h00 to 21h00. Tel: 291 232 021 / 962 753 096
Restaurante La Pasta
Thursday to Sunday, between 13:00 and 21:00. Place your order through Bring Eat! or by telephone to be picked up by the client at the restaurant. Call 291 643 299. Promotion: 2 meals + Coca Cola 1L at just € 15.99. Selection of Pizzas, Pasta, Risottos, Lasagna and Green Cannelloni.
Restaurante Miradouro
Huge menu. Meat and Fish Dishes, Starters, Side Dishes, Pregos and Hamburgers. Opens from 12h00 to 14h30 and from 19h00 to 21h30 on a take-away basis. Tel: 938 069 411 / 291 742 165
Restaurante Oliveira
Portuguese cuisine specialising in traditional Fish & Meat dishes. Bacalhau, Squid, Espada, Octopus, Duck Rice, Picanha, Lamb Chops, Turkey, Lasagne, Picados & Desserts. Tel: 291 638 005.
Sabor da Índia
Indian Takeaway with or without delivery. Vegetarian dishes available. Tel: 291 765 346 or 917 616 359
Frango da Guia
Place your order 291 935 997 and deliveries are made at no additional cost to Funchal and Santa Cruz.TakeAway 12h as 15h é de 19h as 22h
Restaurante Pico da Maré Alta
See FaceBook page for extensive menu. Fish, Seafood, Meat, Rice, Vegetables, Desserts. Tel: 291 101 932. Pickup only.
Brasa Brasil Rodizio
Brazillian BBQ to include Picanha, Picados, Bifana de Porco, Chicken, Espada, Tuna. TakeAway & Delivery. 12h00-16h00 and 18h00-21h00. Tel: 964 205 214.
Forno Restaurante Grill
All our popular dishes with free delivery. Chicken, Espetada, Picanha, Espada, Bife de Atum, Spare Ribs, Fries, ilho Frito. 12h-15h and 18h-22h. Call 966 806 960.
Pxo Grill
Dish of the day and our usual menu. See FaceBook page. TakeAway & free delivery service. Call 964 910 623.
Borda D'Água
Seafood Rice, Swordfish Fillet, Paella, Meat Kebab, Chicken Roasted, Pepper Steak, Steak & Mushrooms, Chicken, Rice, Fries, Mixed Salads. 11h-15h and 18h-22h. Tel: 912 520 817
Do Dia Pra Noite
Chicken, Roasted Ribs, Beef, Chicken, Swordfish & Tuna Steaks. For menu information call on 917 904 311 or 913 442 442.
Restaurante 100 Pressa
Espetada, Spare Ribs, Chicken, Suckling Pig Belly, Tuna Belly, Lasagna, Cod Fish and plate of the day. 11h30m 14h00 and 17h30 - 20h00. Tel: 291 953 287 / 962 048 196